We offer a wide range of Coral and fish with collections from around Australia .

Our imported stock is sourced from various Suppliers.

Quality SPS

Quality SPS

Our Dry goods range is vast…

RedSea, Seachem, Continuum, Tunze, Ecotech Marine, Illumagic, NYOS, Kamoer, Kessil, Eheim, and Hydor just to name a few.

We run wet displays of RedSea tanks and custom tanks. You can walk in and see 7 different lighting brands displayed over our shop and stock tanks thus helping you make the most informed decision.

We are one of Australia’s largest RedSea Dealers….

Red Sea Reefer XL, Latest S series and the new Red Sea Max E series are all at competitive prices.

This, combined with our product knowledge and after sales service, will ensure your next Red Sea Purchase will be special.

Custom made Marine systems and sump designs are also available.

A vast variety of dry and frozen foods are readily available, with live foods available on a weekly basis.

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